For many years Dave Bingham, along with Robert Carmichael (CEO of Brownies Marine Group), collaborated to create a practical diver-down signaling device that would be visible from all angles. They wanted to create a safer environment for divers after personally experiencing “close calls” and learning of other divers being critically injured unintentionally by boaters in south Florida. When Sarah Bingham joined the team, the final concept of 3DBuoyTM became a reality.  Around the fall of 2013, the team started working diligently to perfect a commercially viable design with the assistance of Conny Klimenko, the previous Vice President of Zodiac and Sevylor.

In 2014, Florida passed a new law stating divers could use a traditional flag or a 3 or 4 flat-sided dive buoy. In early 2015 we partnered with our distributor Brownies Marine Group to launch the first production model of the Patent-Pending 3DBuoyTM invention. The buoy will be hitting the market and will be on display in premium dive shops throughout Florida early to mid-April. Deliverable quantities will be available toward the middle or end of May. The 3DBuoyTM team is extremely passionate about creating a safer environment for divers and we truly believe our buoy will do just that!